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The KidFit Club is an intentional community built for supporting today’s youth - with focus on stimulating growth of mind and soul, by nourishing their spirit, challenging their bodies and expanding their minds. 

kidfit club class offerings

Foundations [Ages 6+]

Engage your core! Kids will learn about proper warm-ups and cool-downs performed in all KIDFIT classes. Through expertly designed fitness drills Kids will improve physical fitness via cardio and strength conditioning. Foundations will promote proper alignment, safely maximize results, while reducing chances for injury. Kids will learn proper technique and basic muscle physiology for life in this 30 minute or 45 minute program.

Boxing [Ages 9+]

Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee. Fight against the risk of Type 2 Diabetes and childhood obesity. Boxing combines an intensive cardio workout that teaches speed, form, focus, agility, lateral movement, self-defense, respect, confidence and discipline. Increase cardiovascular strength and endurance with this program!

Speed & Agility [Ages 6+]

Ready. Set Go! This action packed training session provides an age-appropriate program for kids to develop their speed and agility, without harming their growing bodies. Training will emphasize control, movement, and pace. Improve reaction times, balance, and speed with this program!

Conditioning [Ages 6+]

Energy System Development - Kids will get fit by increasing resistance, improving motor skills, and elevating strength. This total body workout is designed to get kids moving. It combines all aspects of fitness for an ultimate full body challenge. Most of all, your child will have a healthier heart, better emotional health, and more energy!

Kids Spin [Ages 12+]

Strap in! Kids fitness and teen fitness programs in Middletown, Holmdel, and Red Bank area! This ultimate cardio workout will combine real-world cycling with inspirational music in order to achieve stronger muscles, lungs, and hearts. Kids will learn the basics of controlling their breathing to maximize endurance and regulating their aerobic and anaerobic systems. This improved endurance will carry through in all areas of athletics and life; long after the ride is over.

Kids Yoga [Ages 6+]

Namaste! Kids will become in tune with their minds and bodies. School pressure, video games, and competitive sports are all contributing factors to childhood stress. Kids will learn how to release stress, enhance flexibility, regulate blood pressure, and improve coordination! Kids fitness and teen fitness programs in the Holmdel, Red Bank, and Middletown New Jersey.

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Small Group Equipment Training [Ages 12+]

Kids will master a variety of machines and equipment, emphasizing proper form and safety. This circuit-based workout teaches kids how to use an array of cutting edge workout equipment while also burning more calories. Using equipment that is anatomically correct at a young age insures proper body placement and muscle utilization for maximum results for life. Kids will improve mental health, increase lean body mass, and begin to understand muscle force production. Children fitness programs in Holmdel, Red Bank, and Middletown.

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